Shake The Dirt... 10 Day Challenge

Do You Feel Lost, and all you want to feel is more confident and to find worth within yourself?

Shake The Dirt Experience Challenge is here to help you to find peace, direction, and contentment in your life!


I will walk you through YOUR STORY through self-reflection
To provide insight into how the decisions you have made in your life were made and “why”
Shake The Dirt will HELP YOU to get clarity and direction on your life path that you did not think were possible...

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Shake the Dirt Experience
 Use your story to self-reflect and bring clarity and purpose to your life!

What Can You Expect From This 10 Day Challenge?

Discover How... 

  • To be the driver of your car - easier said than done... But it is important to see yourself in a positive light and the way you reflect to the world
  • If you had the power to change something in the world... what would it be and why?
  • Do you really know who you are? How do you project yourself to the world? 
  • Do you sometimes feel angry and don't understand why? You may have days when you feel deeply upset but suppress your anger...
  • You have heard the saying "forgive and forget" but yet you struggle... Are there consequences of not forgiving yourself or others around you?
  •  Do you struggle to make quick decisions in a stressful situation? You are not alone! 
  •  We have beliefs that were instilled in us by our parents, our experiences, and our own thoughts. They have become the foundation by which we make all of our decisions and choices in life.
  •  Do you really understand love? Did you know there are different types of love...?

For ONLY $99 not $150

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From: Michael Arterberry
New Fairfield, Connecticut

"Leaving Your Footprint Your Legacy"

Here is a little Throwback Thursday with my kids.
My children are thirteen and 16 at this time. When I think of my footprint and legacy, I think of my home first.

I have made it my mission that I want to be my children's hero. Every opportunity I'm given to prove that I'm hero status, I take full advantage of it.

They are both super athletes. When that commentator drops that mic in front of them and asks, "Who is your Hero?", I want them to say "My Dad is my Hero".

As for the world, I want to leave a person changed in whatever way we make contact. It could be a Podcast, phone call, social media post, or in person. I want them to feel that they have been touched in a deep, intimate way, and are better than they were before I met them.


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Listen To Your Heart!

  • Bring out and recognize positive qualities in self 
  • Break down thought barriers to better know self 
  • Understand self-worth 
  • ​Definition of love for others and self
  • ​Create a connection with the universe
  • ​Examine feelings and understand how one feeling may cover another

Being committed and having controversy is not easy.
Being committed and disappointed is not easy. Being committed without recognition is not easy.
Being committed and not being appreciated is not easy.

Surround yourself with people who are fit for the fight and the work and not just for the fun.


Award given to me by the Major in Connecticut 

One Time Offer Only $99 not $150

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A Proper Outlook on life is Necessary to Change Our Lives
We must be honest about our environment if we want outlook on life to change.
Your current condition is being fed by your environment.
We have to get a new and proper perspective. Your environment is contributing to your disparity.
Take a look around; some places we cannot stay.
Are you ready to change your perspective? Your outlook is a reflection of what is going on inside you.
I'm not where I want to be but thank God I'm not where I used to be.

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